Services that we Provide


Conrod Resizing

During this process, we remachine the conrod back to a standard size.


Crankshaft Grinding

Crankshaft grinding is a process of removing material from the journals. In doing so we refurbish and reuse a very expensive component of an engine. It is recommended and normally done during the process of rebuilding an engine, but also has some performance aspects which come along with the process.


Cylinder Head Overhauls

We meticulouly inspect all the components of the cylinder head. Each part is  checked against the standard manufacturer specifications and if found to be different then those parts will be refurbished or replaced as necessary.


Engine Overhauls

During this process we will completely stripped & “chemi” cleaned the engine before all components are measured and refurbished or replaced, where it might be necessary. Once completed, then the components are reassembled and the complete engine is then be put on the test bench. We then do a “Hot Run Test” if so desired.


Reboring & Honing

When an engine gets rebored then it is normally caused when an engine cylinder is damaged, it can resolve such as issues as deep scratches, score marks, etc. As a rule of thumb for scratches, normally if your fingernail can grip it, then it’s too deep and will need this process to be performed. If it is oval or even irregular in any particular way then it can be a cause of overheating. If flat spots appear in the cylinder wall, causing it to be out of specification in diameter then it is a sign of wear and tear. This process is perfect for solving those issues.


Linebore – Engine Block & Cylinder Head

The main bearing caps & camshaft caps are re-sized & aligned back to standard specification before being put back in the engine.


Metal Stitching

We pride ourselves in the master art of metal stitching as it is a specialised process. We use this process to repair cast iron parts where welding would not be suitable.


Pressure Testing

When we do pressure testing, we pressurise the cylinder heads and engine blocks by using hot water and compressed air to inspect and see if there are any leaking cracks that might be visible.


Surface skimming

Surface Skimming is when all components of the cylinder head are individually inspected. We check all components against the standard specifications and we will refurbish or replace them as necessary.

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